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Stake and farm with up to 10,000% APR, play lottery and trade the best cryptocurrencies in the Catge DEX.


Invest in pre-IPO startup companies to access their huge returns just like a real Venture Capital fund.


Have fun by playing, train your cards to make them more powerful, auction your cards in the NFT marketplace and make profit.


Access the new generation wallet app: cryptocurrencies are not only digital tokens, but they can be paper bills just like FIAT money.

Startup Token Launchpad lets you invest in the best pre-IPO startup companies and

Lets you access their huge returns like a real Venture Capital Fund

Take part to Startup ITOs -> You can buy Startup equity tokens in pre-launch just like real IPOs. They will give you the same rights as real stocks.

Easily buy solid projects -> Our startup tokens are as easy to buy as shitcoins, but they are backed by real and innovative underlying assets.

Trade Startup Tokens -> List your startup -> No need to wait for acquisition: our startup equity tokens are always tradable in our platform. Buy and sell whenever you want.

CATGE vs DOGE. Have fun by playing, train your cards to make them more powerful,

Auction your cards in the NFT marketplace and make profit.

Huge communities -> CATGE and DOGE have some of the most active and numerous communities in the world.

Train and power up your cards -> Thanks to the cards training system, you will be able to power up your cards to gain an edge on your challenges.

NFT marketplace -> Here you can buy and sell the missing cards, increasing your power and making profits.

Game expansions-> Card expansions will be released and the game will be constantly evolving.

CATGE swap, Stake and farm with up to 10,000% APR, play lottery

CATGE swap, Stake and farm with up to 10,000% APR, play lottery

Staking -> Stake unique tokens with up to 10,000% APR autocompounding

Farming -> Add liquidity and stake LP tokens to gain high profits as liquidity providers

Swap -> Buy and sell the most popular cryptocurrencies thanks to our AMM

Lottery -> Take part to our lottery to win free CATGE. Prizes up to $500,000

CATGE cash wallet: Access the new generation wallet app.

Cryptocurrencies are not only digital tokens, but they can be paper bills just like FIAT money.

Print crypto paper bills -> Turn your phone into an ATM and withdraw your cryptos into real paper bills

Deposit crypto paper bills -> Scan the QR code on crypto paper bills and deposit them into your accounts

Transfer in and out -> Transfer cryptos to other wallet or exchanges.

Store your coins -> Safely store your cryptos in our wallet web app.


  • Download Trust Wallet on your phone or MetaMask for your web browser and set-up a Bep-20 BSC wallet



The team’s commitment is to deliver all the goals in the roadmap in the most appropriate time possible.
The team doesn’t respond for delays originating from external causes such as, but not limited to, crypto market volatility, supplier’s delays etc.

Phase 1

  • 5,000 Holders ✓
  • Website Launch ✓
  • 10,000 Telegram Members ✓
  • Awareness Campaign ✓

Phase 2

  • 10,000 Holders ✓
  • CoinGecko Listing ✓
  • CoinMarketCap Listing ✓
  • 15,000 Telegram Members ✓
  • Influencer Awareness Partnerships ✓

Phase 3

  • 20,000 Holders
  • 25,000 Telegram Members ✓
  • Initial Tier 2 CEX Listings (Hotbit, BKEX) ✓
  • Partnership CoinShare ✓
  • Catge Augmented Reality Gaming ✓
  • New Website Launch ✓
  • Worldwide Awareness Campaign

Phase 4

  • 40,000 Holders
  • 50,000 Telegram Members
  • Tier 1 CEX listings
  • More Influencer Awareness Partnerships ✓
  • Catge Organic and sponsored articles on the main news websites (Cointelegraph, CoinDesk etc.)
  • CATGE vs DOGE Card Game Project Kick-off
  • GALAXY Cruise

Phase 5

  • 65,000 Holders
  • 90,000 Telegram Members
  • CATGE vs DOGE Paper Cards Distribution
  • CATGE Swap DeFi Exchange

Phase 6

  • 90,000 Holders
  • 120,000 Telegram members
  • Startup Token Launchpad CEX launch
  • CATGE vs DOGE game platform launch
  • Binance Listing



What is the Startup Token Launchpad?

We will create a dApp with an IDO launchpad, like, and an exchange, like Pancakeswap, to launch and trade tokenized assets (aka: tokens backed by real world assets, like real estates, startup equity etc.).

However this is just the first phase.
In the second phase we will create a Centralized Exchange like Binance (therefore there will be order book based spot trading, not AMM anymore) and tokens will be launched in a way similar to “Binance Launchpad”.

Obviously we will charge the companies for raising their funds and be listed in the launchpad platform. The majority of these revenues are going to be reinvested for the CATGE marketing.
To make it clear: CATGE is for Startup Token Launchpad just like BNB is for Binance, therefore it will be used to calculate Launchpad rewards and as token ti trade against.

What are fee/rewards?

It is a taxation/reward system that detracts an amount of tokens for each trade (purchase, sell or transfer) defined by a contract. They allow a fair redistribution to the holders proportional to their investment

2021 fee:reward system
June 15 – Aug 31: 5% holders reflections and 5% to liquidity pool
Aug 31 – Oct 31: 4% holders reflections and 4% to liquidity pool
Oct 31 to Dec 31: 2% holders reflections and 2% to liquidity pool
After Dec 31: 0% fee

Why prices on different exchanges are different?

Because exchanges are not connected. Prices change according to the buy/sell activity in each of these platforms. Each exchange defines Catge price according to their exchange volumes and the demand/offer from their users.
This means that the greater an exchange is, the more accurate the price will be.

Therefore there isn’t a “stable” or “fair” price for cryptocurrencies: it gets constantly determined by the market.

Many crypto aggregators, like COINMARKETCAP offer to their visitors a price index for each token/crypto, which values are estimated according to the average price on each exchange where they are listed.

Why sometimes there’s great differences in price? How to lower them?

The differences are due to exchange volumes on each exchange, in order to make the price look more similar, there are Market Makers or Arbitrage bots.

These two actors will exploit this difference by minimizing it (they will sell when the price is too high and buy when it’s too low, in order to let it correct naturally).
The founders hired a Market Making team specifically for this kind of operation.

on Trust Wallet I see a different dollar value than Pancakeswap, why?

This is due to Trust Wallet not estimating the price according to Poocoin, connected to Pancakeswap, but according to an average of all the exchanges where the token is listed.

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