CATGE Coin is an open source Bep-20 token.
while DOGE conquered cryptos.
CATGE is conquering the internet.


Community driven

CATGE has no contract owner. The contract creators renounced ownership and burned all their personal wallets before launch.
CATGE belongs to its community.

Open Source

Contract address is published, verified on BSCscan and available on GitHub.
CATGE has no secret

Holders rewards decreasing with time

For each transaction, holders get a % reward and another % goes to the liquidity pool in order to maximise coin stability.
CATGE is built to reward trusted holders.

Commission/Reward for each trade

Until Jun-15

7% Holders rewards

5% Goes to liquidity pool

Jun-15 to Jul-15

4% Holders rewards 

3% Goes to liquidity pool

Jul-15 to Oct-15

2% Holders rewards

2% Goes to liquidity pool

Oct-15 to ∞

0% Holders rewards for every trade

0% Goes to liquidity pool

Why our commission/reward decreases over time?

We won’t reach major exchanges otherwise!

Commission/Reward contracts like Safemoon are very effective on the first phase to reduce their volatility, to reward the holders, and to keep whales away, but Safemoon-like tokens will never be listed on Binance on Coinbase.

This is because tokens that favor holding, also unfavor exchange, which is exactly what Binance doesn’t want.

To not fall victim of our own success, we reward hodlers and the LP only for the first six months and our rewards decrease over time.

Whoever joins CATGE army early enjoys all the benefits of passive income and can be sure he will be able to shill the most famous cat on the web all the way up to Binance, to Coinbase and to the moon! 🚀🌘


Q2 2021
Token launch, meme contests

We deploy our contract and list it on PancakeSwap. We launch a Meme contest to let CATGE conquer the Twitter and Reddit world.

Q3 2021
NFT platform launch

The most popular CATGE memes from the Meme contests will be featured in our CATGE NFT platforms.

Authors will have full rights over the first sale.

Q4 2021
Major Exchanges listings

We all have that image in our mind: CATGE reaching and challenging his alter-ego DOGE in all the major cryptocurrency exchanges.

CATGE will be there and beyond. To the moon!

Catge Coin and Turkey Artificial Intelligence Platform

Collaboration with Turkey Artificial Intelligence Platform

As Catge Coin, we decided to cooperate in various projects with the Turkey Artificial Intelligence Platform. Turkey Artificial Intelligence Platform announced that it will use Catge Coin in its overseas projects. In addition, Emirhan BULUT, Founder of the Artificial Intelligence Platform of Turkey and his team will integrate an artificial intelligence system in the crypto money exchange. We support this artificial intelligence system.